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Christian Yates

Take Ownership
of Your Happiness.

Christian Yates

Who is Christina Yates?

Christina is a certified life and mindset coach with a passion for helping others meet their potential.

Life Coaching with Christina

There's more to you than you know. It could be holding you back. But it could also be lifting you up. Christina Yates draws from decades of professional, spiritual, and community leadership experience to guide clients to a more fundamental understanding of themselves, backed by a powerful and proven tool — the iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram Personality Test.

Widely embraced by thought leaders and professionals globally, the Enneagram of Personality goes far beyond a standard personality test — capturing not only our individual personality traits but how these characteristics influence our relationships with others and the world around us. Through these insights, we can discover our "why" and purposefully direct our energy toward lasting and meaningful change.

Take ownership of your happiness.

If Not Now, When?

Christian Yates

"We are better together."

Reset Your Mindset

Negativity and ingrained thought patterns could be preventing you from becoming your best self. Christina can help.

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