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Motivation by the Multitude

Getting better, together.

Christian Yates

Group Coaching Sessions

Individually, we can achieve a lot. Together, we can achieve even more. Group coaching harnesses the tenets of social psychology to strengthen relationships and build rapport between individuals striving toward a common goal, enhancing a sense of trust, accountability, and belonging. Participants can be part of the same organization, or not know one another at all! Different ideas and perspectives can be used to uncover new insights, energizing and elevating ourselves both as individuals and as a collective.


Who benefits from group life coaching?

Group life coaching can yield positive results for anyone interested in boosting their:

  • Social skills

  • Sense of accountability

  • Ability to resolve conflicts

  • Ability to collaborate

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Creativity

"Working with Christina is transformational."

Leading Your Recharge.

Christina Yates believes that success is contagious, and as an ICF Certified Coach, has the knowledge to connect you to your inner power source.

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