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Success Stories

Hear from Christina's clients.


Life Coaching

"Christina Klein is a loving person, who is also very smart, which makes her the perfect life coach."

Enneagram Testing

As a mom, advocate, and CE0, it's the insight into my own strengths and areas to improve myself. Helping me with building a team to inspire and work together.

"Christina is such a wealth of knowledge and has given me the resources to teach myself. She holds me accountable and even assigns homework to work on between our meetings. Most importantly, Kristina showed me that I am in control of my own destiny. I am forever grateful to her."

Christina's spirit shines through with her knowledge and passion for the Enneagram. Once I took my test, she walked me through each section and explained how it applied to my life. My coaching from Christina has shown me my strengths and weaknesses and allowed me to better understand how I think and act.

"Coaching with Christina is truly a blessing. She helped me to discover my voice, who I am, and how I deserve to be treated by those in my immediate circle of family and friends. With love, gentleness, and sincere kindness, Christina helped me move forward to make positive choices in my life by utilizing my God-given gifts, talents, and abilities. I am eternally grateful. Christina, I love you. Anyone that has the opportunity to know you will be given a gift of your truth and love in coaching them to become the best person God intended them to be. That is what you did for me."

Priceless tool. Knowledge is power and leads to powerful moments.

Working with Christina is transformational. When we started working together, I was at a challenging time in my life and not living fully in alignment with my values. I felt stuck and unclear. Christina's loving presence and curiosity helped me to see and understand how my choices were impacting my freedom and helped me have the courage to shift my mindset and behaviors so that I could create a life more in alignment with my true values. She compassionately reflected my choices back to me, so I could see their impact, and walked shoulder to shoulder with me as I created a more fulfilling, authentic, love-centered life. I'm forever grateful to Christina for sharing her coaching gifts with me so that I could create a better life! She is a gift and I highly recommend her.

Now I recognize the talents and the thought process behind my team and even my family.

"Christina's positivity and high moral standards have taught me so many lessons. No matter how big or small, my issues have been, she has been so helpful in breaking things down for me and giving me such clarity and hope in my life. I feel so blessed that she has been able to help me overcome so much of the depression I have been feeling my whole life. She has been able to turn so much of this darkness I struggled with into light and hope."

Now I recognize the talents and the thought process behind my team and even my family.

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