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Christian Yates

Christina Yates

Christina Yates knows what it means to feel at home, both physically and spiritually. It began at an early age, growing up she learned the ins and outs of the trade, including building, remodeling, and selling residential properties. Her parents fostered deep regard for integrity and accountability, which she has carried into her own career as a licensed real estate agent covering the central Ohio residential market. Christina combines a warm personality and friendly smile with a thorough knowledge of real estate to put buyers and sellers at ease, helping them navigate the process with minimal stress or worry. ​ As a life coach, she looks to bring that same sense of peace and permanency to her clients' personal and professional lives. To that end, she strongly believes in digging deep and doing the work, getting down to the foundations of the authentic self in order to uproot negative thought patterns and build lasting structure, meaning, and purpose. As a Certified International Federation Coach and Certified Enneagram Practitioner, having obtained over 130 hours of coaching education and 1,000 hours of coaching experience to her name — and countless more as a mother and as a leader in her company, church, and community.

Columbus Catholic Women's Conference

Founded organization and directed all event management requirements for six years, including event hosting, sponsorship development, fundraising, event logistics, speaker selection, registration, and marketing. Attendance 900-1,730 annually.

St. Gabriel Catholic Radio


Vice President and member of the board involved in all decision-making including personnel, facilities management, and station operations, along with achieving sponsorship goals and on-air semi-annual fundraising activities.

Coaching Credentials

Christina is an iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram Accredited Practitioner and International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach.




Proven Effectiveness

Learn how the Integrative Enneagram has helped others change their lives.

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