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Frequently Asked Questions

What do life coaches do?

As the title implies, life coaches coach! A life coach will help you vocalize your innermost goals and ambitions, and develop a game plan for achieving them. Over time, they will track your progress toward becoming the person you ultimately want to be, providing self-improvement tools and tips along the way. 

Why might I need life coaching?

There is any number of reasons why you (or anyone) might need life coaching, but most relate back to a sense of being "stuck" or difficulty adapting to change or transition. For example:1. Burnout at work or transition to a new career 2. Challenges with relationships or surrounding yourself with the right people 3. Feeling directionless, hopeless, or lost concerning what you want or need out of life.


What happens at a coaching session?

There are several approaches to life coaching (including individual or group), so what happens at a coaching session might vary depending on both the coach and the client(s). Regardless, International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified life coaches like Christina Yates are held to the ICF Core Competencies:

1. They will demonstrate ethical practice — integrity, honesty, and confidentiality are key.2. They will embody a coaching mindset — always open, flexible, and client-centered.3. They will establish and maintain agreements with their clients to keep them accountable and set realizable benchmarks.4. They will cultivate trust and safety, permitting the client to be honest and vulnerable, and define shortcomings and expectations without judgment.5. They will maintain presence during interactions with clients.6. They will listen actively for cues in the client's description of their identity, environment, experiences, values, and/or beliefs to attain a depth of comprehension and understanding.7. They will use those insights from active listening to evoke awareness as to what needs to change (and how), tailoring a coaching plan to the client's unique situation and needs.8. They will facilitate client growth by empowering them to generate change from within.


Is life coaching effective?

Life coaching can be very effective, but it's contingent on the client adhering to the action plan that is collaboratively shaped and refined during each coaching session. Many of Christina's previous clients can attest to how it's changed their lives for the better!


What is an Enneagram Personality Test?

The Enneagram Personality Test is a personality test based on the Enneagram, a chart of nine distinct but interrelated personality archetypes, each with their own ways of acting on and reacting to the world around them. Understanding these connections lends a more fundamental understanding of what drives your forward — and what may be holding you back.

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